Monday, February 15, 2010

My Puzzle Quilt

A few weeks ago I post about the quilt I was making for my grandson and I referred to it as a puzzle. Well I finished the puzzle and here are my results. I must say I think that it turned out quite well. Since I called it a puzzle I also decided to quilt in a random motion with a pattern similar to a puzzle. I used a variegated black and gray thread.

When I started the idea of making a quilt for him skulls was not my first thought I thought of sports, he was the one that asked for the skulls. I started with the fabric and then found the blocks and from there I laid them out until I found the design I wanted.

I gave this to Riley yesterday and he was thrilled with it. When we left he was getting ready to curl up with it and watch his movies.

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Give Away

I find it difficult at times to keep up with interesting things for my blog. So to shake things up a little bit I have decided to do a February Giveaway. My goal is to get 100 followers on my blog or Facebook Fans.

This give away is designed with my quilting friends in mind, but anyone can enter. I have made two bookmarks with sewing charms attached to the end. One bookmark, the larger, has a thimble charm attached to the end, and the smaller one has a sewing machine charm on the end. Both bookmarks are silver plated and have swarovski crystal. Either one will make a great bookmark for you quilting or sewing books or magazines.

Now to win one of the bookmarks all you need to do is one or more of the following. The more you do the more you are entered.

1. Leave a comment about which of the two you like or would prefer.

2. Leave a comment and become one of my followers. ( promise to start having some
interesting post)

3. Leave a comment, become a follower and a fan of my Facebook Page

4. Leave a comment, become a follower, become a fan on Facebook and leave a comment on
my facebook fan page.

You have 4 chances to win and I will randomly choose a winner and the winner will receive the bookmark of their choice.