Monday, January 25, 2010

Quilts and Puzzles

I'm currently making a quilt for my Grandson. As I was starting to assemble the quilt I realized that putting together a quilt is much like working a puzzle. At least it is for me.

The block I chose for the quilt is called Woodland Patch. After I determined how many blocks in the quilt (24 for this one) I then had to calculate the amount of smaller blocks or triangles were needed to complete the quilt. Well here comes the fun part and the part I consider to be t putting the puzzle together. From the two piles you see here of black and white triangles I sew one black to one white until I completed a total 96 .

From these 96 blocks I had to attach the remaining black and white triangles in various directions

From here I had to lay them out and then sew those together until I formed the center strips.
This is why I call it a puzzle, because each piece had to fit a certain way to form the center strip

Now for the final step I then attached to larger triangle on each side of the center strip until I formed a block and continued on until I made 24 blocks.

Now from here you may wonder where I will go next. Well I do have pattern formed on how I will finish this quilt, but have decided to stop here and make it a little mystery for you. This I hope will have you coming back for more.

I will post the finishing of this quilt within the next couple of weeks. Like every other quilter I have more than one project going and alternate between them.

Stay tuned for part 2

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Exchange Quilt

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the mini quilt exchange I am in with the Quilting Gallery.

Well I received a very nice package in the mail the other day. It was my quilt and I wanted to share it with all of you.

My quilt came from Jeane who lives in Piedmont. Mo. I just love all the colors that she used to design the quilt. She did not leave me her email so I will have to send her a little note, but she give me a note stating that she is a beginning quilt and wasn't very sure how well she did. In my opinion she is more than just a beginner and her skills get an A in my book.

She also include an adorable and very well crafted ornament which I will cherish and hang on next years tree.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Unofficial UFO

Many of my fellow quilters are compiling there UFO's and making a resolution to try and finish them in 2010. You notice I did say try, basically we all have good intentions but life just seems to get in the way, Work, Family, errands and of course custom orders.

Well I really don't have UFO's but what I do have are projects that I have completed but have never listed in my Etsy shop. So I have decided to make a resolution to take new pictures and to list all the
items that I can in my shop.

For today I have listed to purses that for some reason or another I forgot about.

The first is a small accessory purse. Great for cosmetics or keeping those coupons organized in you

The second is an embroidered pouch I made and at first I was going to keep for my self, but have decided to post to the shop. A large pocket on the outside is great for keys or you cell phone, one small inside pocket again can be used for you cell phone or keys.

You can both of these items listed in my Etsy shop