Monday, August 10, 2009

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Well this is the beginning of a new week and I am keeping my promise to myself by adding new items to my shop and blog each week, but before I do that I want to introduce you to a great sewer and quilter.

Her name is Pam S. Cole. I actually met Pam about a year and a half ago by purchasing one of her accessory bags from Ebay. I discovered that she lives in the same state I do, but 200 miles away. We began sending emails back and forth and quickly became friends.

Besides being an experience quilting and sewer, Pam also has started several connecting websites.

These sites have offered myself and others another venue to show and sell our items.

Pam is offering a special starting August 1st. This will be to the first 6 new sellers for each of the sites.

The startup special will include up to 3 items on a page, along with links to the sellers" other sites--including Etsy mini gallery. If sellers do not already have a web site, I would strongly recommend registering a domain name ($10) to reserve there business name for their web site...and then when they ar ready they can set up a starter page on their site.

If sellers would like to try adding a Paypal cart button to their 3 items, I would suggest items that can be reproduced nutiple times for repeats sales.

The goal with all the Handiworks sites is to creat a visually pleasant browsing experience for potential buyers. If you need help with you photos, Pam can do that also.

I hope you all will take a look at these sites. For further information you can reach Pam at

Take a look at her own site or her blog I know you will love her quilts and bags.

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