Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Door County

Just came back from a wonderful vacations toWisconsin's Door Peninsula. It was our first time there and the scenery was spectacular. Although I had expected the colors to have started to change more into fall colors, everywhere we went the landscaping was a work of art. The trees were still mostly green with just a hint of autumn colors of reds and oranges, but what I admired the most was the layout of the flowers throughout every step of the way. The landscapers used arrangements of yellow and purple blackeyed susans and mixed in were a variety of impatient.

Our room was a hundred feet off the bay and the first night we say the most gorgeous sunset I have ever experience. It took my breath away.

Door County is very well noted as an artisan colony. I found shops and museum everywhere we went. Pottery, paintings, sculptures, tiles, plates, sewing creation each more beautiful and creative then the next and of course I can't forget the the wineries were they produce some of the most delicious wines. I came back an abundance of ideas for quilting, totes and new line of jewelry. Just hope I have enough time to do them all.

Our time was much to short a trip to see the entire countryside and visit all the historical sites of lighthouses and see where over 200 ships have been lost to see in Lack Michigan so we do intend to visit again, but this time I believe we will bring the Motorcycle.

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