Saturday, July 25, 2009


Even though today is Saturday and I'm sure my fellow bloggers are busy with family and outside on such a gorgeous day, I have decided to post a little quote about friendship. The author is unknow.

"A friend is one who comes in when the whole world has gone out"

I'm writing this because I know of someone who is having some tough times in her family with a serious illness and I pointed out to her that she had a good group of friends around her that are willing to help and listen to her. She send me a note back saying that was very true, she had a great support group in her friends.

I don't think that the quote means that your family ignores or leaves when times are tough, but because they are going through the same rough times they can not always be objective and that's when you could use a good friend.

It reminded me of how my best friend is always there for me and I hope that I am always there for her. I have three great friends, my husband, my daughter Becky and then my friend Edie. She has always been there when I've needed help or just someone to talk and sound off. My family lives a distance from me so I have had to rely on her many times and I want her to know just how much I appreciate her.

As we go through are many task for in the day I think we take our friends and family for granted to I wanted to write this today to remind everyone we all have a best friend, whether it be you husband, daughter, sister or girlfriend we all have one.

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