Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Chocolate Shop

I was recently given some advise that my blog should be about what I like, and things I do.
So I'm going to blog tonight about a shop in my town that my friend and I went to for dinner last night.

It is called "The Chocolate Shop". Actually they just relocated from another spot and this was my first visit there. What make it unique to me is how it is decorate. Very 50's,
Hot Pink with the simulation of chocolate drips down the walls. In the center of the shop is all the candy bins,anything from flavored gum drops, gummie worms, to of course chocolate pecans, fudge, chocolate with peanut butter, chocolate, chocolate, everywhere. Above this hangs chocolate and hot pink umbrellas hung upside down.

To the other side they have two sections for birthday parties. The first is decorate in pink, with hints of green, lace, and pearls, tea settings like a little princess, this is for the girls, and next to that they have a table with tanks, trucks, GI Joe figures decorated with camouflage
for the boys . Through various shelves and basket bins, are little gift items for purchase, a lot of Hannah Montana, and even Betty Boop.

Well I said I had dinner and no I did not have chocolate for dinner. When you come in to the right is a little dinner area that serves hamburgers, Italian Beef, pizza and Chicago Style Hot dogs. All keeping with the 50's theme, including a soda fountain that has all kinds of handmade ice cream, okay you got me I did have for dessert a scoop of chocolate peanut butter chocolate chunk revel. If the staff are dressed like soda fountain jerks.

I'm sorry I didn't bring my camera to post, but that just makes an excuse to go back.

I will say that the Italian beef was excellent, but the verdict is out on the Chicago Hot dog til my husband can taste it. He is the expert on that one.

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